Sunday, January 02, 2005

Blue Flypaper Hall of Fame (the A-List)!

The BlueFlypaper Hall of Fame. It doesn't get better than this"
  1. John Kerry "the smartest man ever to run for President"
  2. Tim Robbins "the epidime of liberal Hollywood"
  3. Jane Fonda "bringing the success she had in Vietman to Iraq"
  4. Michael Moore "no bigger director" "goes beyond the truth"
  5. Sean Penn "now an expert on WMD" (and here)
  6. Alec Baldwin "almost lost him to France"
  7. Barbara Boxer (and here too) the "power of being against everything"
  8. Janean Garofalo "as quotable as Mao"
  9. Mrs. Tim Robbins (aka Susan Sarandon)
  10. Dan Rather (one word: "courage")
  11. Jesse Jackson ("spreading his love to everyone who will take it")
  12. A Womyn's Best Friend (5th yr. Ethnic studies senior and Shamanist!)
  13. Ted Kennedy "the best of the 3 amazing brothers" (and here too)
  14. Brad and Jen "the golden couple almost brought peace to the mideast"
  15. Rosie O'Donnell "so big and smart she doesn't have to be open-minded"

If you like these people click here. If you don't like these people (you Eurocentric white male sicko!) then you can click here buddy!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Blue Flypaper Black List

Thank you for helping make the Blue Flypaper Black List the nation's #1 Black List! (Make sure to stay away from these sites at all costs. It is probably a good idea to check here first before ever visiting a new site to make sure that they aren't conservatives!).

1. Independent Sources (added 8/9/05). If you look up "evil" in Wikipedia, these folks are there.
2. BoxerWatch (added 8/11/05). Anyone who doesn't worship Barbara is delusional.
3. BoiFromTroy (added 8/12/05). Sharp looking blog clouds evil politics inside.
4. Area417 (added 8/15/05). Against the ACLU? Surely they're joking!
5. Patterico Pontifications (added 8/16/05). Must be a Daily Breeze employee!
6. Alphecca (added 8/28/05). Happy to see me or is that a gun in your pocket?
7. Eyes on the Ball (added 9/1/05). Their site has a to-do list. It's missing "stop blogging!"
8. Hell in a Handbasket (added 9/1/05). The phrase "2nd Amendment" says it all!
10. "Mr. Minority." (added 9/6/05).Great name until you learn he's a white male!
11. "Odyssey" (added 9/7/05). Yet another heavily armed white male.(This one is in Iraq!)
12. "Blogonomicon" (added 9/10/05). A self-described "womyn-hating gun-toting right-wing reactionary."
13. "Samanta Burns" (added 9/16/05) Needs to learn she's supporting peeps who oppress her!
14. Mayor Sam's Sister City (added 10/16/05). Dared to attack Maxine Waters!
15. Fatman Chronicles (added 10/22/05). Insensitive moniker and union hater.
16. Next to Last Samurai (added 1/19/06).

One sure way to get blacklisted is to write about me and say something derogratory in your blog. That really, really hurts me inside and since I don't want senstive liberals to have to read such filth, I'm more likely to black list it so that no one reads it.

Support our Black List!

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