Friday, August 12, 2005

Blue Flypaper offers a carrot/stick to BoiFromTroy

Boi From Troy is having a political identity crisis. There is a blog called Boi From Troy, and it could be the perfect liberal blog. It has nice graphics, a good font, and a clean layout (unlike the first two bloggers that we critiqued, the enemy [Independent Sources] and BoxerWatch (gag!). However the intention of the BoiFromTroy site is to snarl unsuspecting bloggers into a conservative agenda! I call them Republican Predators, and they prey on the weak and try to turn them into Republicans like themselves. It's a lot like a cult which is why we have them on the Blue Flypaper Black List.

I don't know if there is a form of counseling that helps confused conservatives revert back to liberalism where they belong. It someone (even a conservative) is open-minded enough it's pretty easy to get them away from conservatism. All you have to do is walk pretty much any conservative through a Nike plant where 8-year old girls are working 16-hour days stitching up cross-trainers for 10 cents an hour (with no medical benefits). If they are still holding out, then let them sit in on a typical cabinet meeting of George Bush where the over-riding focus is taking rights away from minorities and figuring out new ways to invade peaceful countries. After those experiences anyone with a heart and brain will come over to the liberal side quicker than you can say "Ted Kennedy".

BoiFromTroy: Come on over from the dark side before it's too late! As for the rest of you conservatives, watch out. We'll be targeting your blog next!

If someone thinks this is mean just remember two things. 1) Blue Flypaper didn't start this; and 2) Fark. Nuff said!


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