Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ad hominem arguments banned on Blue Flypaper!

For Immediate Release:

Ad hominem arguments are hereby banned from Blue Flypaper. If you post them as part of my support of free speech I will delete them. By free speech I mean "free" of hateful words.

Ad hominem means that if instead of attacking the argument you attack the person. I will not tolerate being attacked nor will I accept sexism, ageism, regionalism, racism, sizism, or bias on the basis of education, intelligent, work-experience, heritage, social-economic status, religion, etc. in this blog.

The reason that I need to ban ad hominem arguments is that neocons in particular with their small minded and spiteful intellect and greed-based sexist elitism leads them far too often to attack the people instead of the argument.

A reminder that these are people to support and these are places to avoid.

PS: Thank you No Speed Bumps!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Numbers Don't Lie: Let Ted Kennedy Select the Next Supreme Court Justice

Despite those who don't think I understand statistical analysis and stuff, I have a pretty good understanding of the normal distribution and statistical sampling. And I think you would all agree that 6.3 million would constitute (that being a key word here) a statistically representative sample

With that established, let's look at what these 6.3 million people agree and it turns out that year in and year out they agree that Ted Kennedy should represent them in making decisions. Since there is nothing more important for government to decide than selecting our Supreme Court justices, statistics tells us that Ted Kennedy should make the decision!

Now, I can already picture your arguments especially those who don't have quite the grasp of mathematics as I do and you're thinking what about California? It has even more people. I'm okay with that one too. Go ahead and let Barbara Boxer decide, I'm okay with that one too!

Finally, I can imagine some of you saying well aren't conservative politicians elected as well so why not let them participate. If you look closely you'll see that those are largely from smaller states (not statistically significant) or got there via election fraud or campaign finance fraud.